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Sky Eyes Pepone und Quincy
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Dear Natalie, …

Eva & I wonders why you don’t expect any kittens this year, You certainly have the best quality material to breed on, and many people want to have a “Real” Siamese so we think and hope you just want to be a little less busy after having two litters last year.

Here all is fine and after Eva started work in a fully paid job, we sometimes felt the boys were too much alone, so the last six months we have brought the guys along to the BF house, where they have got a little private quarter in my large manager office.

And as you might suspect they are very willing assistants and often works as my effective secretary’s managing to bring all the important papers down to the floor or direct into the paper basket.

In the BF house they have many friends and if they feel like they can just stay in their own quarter and sleep if they like.

Pep (Pepone) is very active and he mostly wants to be where there’s action going on, He uses all 680 m2 as his own territory.  


Little brother is a bit more reserved, and wish to have less people around so he mostly use to stay in the office or just across the hallway where Eva has her office, and then later in the afternoons/evenings they tour around in all the 23 different rooms in the large BF house. Some days they signal that they just want to stay home, and then we leave them a day off, so the next day they again are ready and sit on my laptop suitcase just to be sure that we don’t forget to bring them along.  

Pep as still a very large boy 4.855 gram – was all up on 4.955 but lost a bit again.  

Little brother (Pyt – or Quincy) is 3.360 grams. Almost a 1/3 difference in size, but they fight equally each other with energy & happiness and they miraculous never hurt or harm each others.


They are both wonderful and they have very individual characters, never show any kind of jealousy, and they almost always sleep crumbled together – Until now the largest distance they’ve been apart in their whole life is (app. 100 meter) when Pep is exploring the other end of the BF house and Pyt is staying in his wool-bed which is placed at the (sunshiny) window just behind my laptop computer, where he uses to get his little afternoon nap (sleep).  

Once again thank you for breeding our wonderful boys.

Kind regards

Eva & Joergen


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